How did marion indiana get its name?

Marion was named after the general of the War of Independence, Francis Marion. With the formation of Grant County in 18th it was established as the county seat and its future was assured. The river provided water supply, energy and drainage, and bequeathed natural beauty as it flowed at the base of the hills that stretched away on both sides. With the exception of dorm communities near metropolitan centers, Marion's growth during the 1950s surpassed all cities in Indiana except one in the population group of 10,000 to 100,000 Marion, Indiana, in Grant County, is 29 miles northwest of Muncie, Indiana and 60 miles northeast of Indianapolis, Indiana.

Marion's event was notable as the last confirmed lynching of African-Americans in Indiana and the northern United States. Marion Municipal Airport is three nautical miles (4 miles, 6 km) southwest of the Marion Central Business District. The Marion Philharmonic Orchestra and the Marion Civic Theater offer musical and dramatic entertainment. The city is home to Indiana Wesleyan University, the largest evangelical Christian university in the Midwest and the largest private university in Indiana, although online and regional campuses in Indiana, Kentucky, Ohio and Illinois are included.

Indiana Wesleyan University, Indiana Business College and the CHT Academy are some of the local higher education institutions.

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