What is marion illinois known for?

Today, Marion is the largest retail mall in Southern Illinois, centrally located along Interstate 57 and Route 13 in Illinois. It houses the Illinois Star Centre Mall and the Southern Illinois Miners baseball team. It was dubbed the “Center of the Universe” by former mayor Robert L. This facility hosts cross-country matches, soccer games and tennis games.

Are these your favorite sports? The Harry L. Crisp sports complex is worth a visit if that's the case. If you just want to relax and unwind, you can still do so, as the area is a popular family destination for recreation. People go here for the excellent walking and running track, the playground and the outdoor amphitheater.

The best time to visit the resort is early in the morning to avoid the big crowd. If you like big spaces, people watching and parks full of young and active people, Pyramid Park is definitely one of the attractions in Marion, Illinois, you should go to. There is a children's playground, two softball fields and its main attraction, Skate Park. There are also restrooms in the park and plenty of places to grill, making it a perfect place to spend a family afternoon outdoors.

The park has its own parking lot. For all book lovers, the Marion Carnegie Library is a must-see. Its collection exceeds 75,000 items and the entire library covers more than 1,200 square meters (13,000 square feet). Everyone will find something for themselves there, and if not, at least they can spend some time among many, many interesting books.

The library was opened to the public in 1916 and is located on the site of the former “Grandma Cline” residence. The story is that Grandma Cline hangs around the library. If you like that kind of thing, you have to look for them. The Emery Brothers skating rink is a good place to hang out if you or any of your traveling companions like roller skating.

Or if you just want to have a fun night out with your friends. They offer public skating sessions, but you can also rent the entire rink for a private event. They are open seasonally from August to May. The price of admission and rent ranges from 4.50 to 5 USD.

In that 6,000 square meter (64,000 square foot) building, you can enjoy some time in the water, whether it's simply playing in the pool or going around big times. You can also play basketball or volleyball or just go work up a sweat at the gym. Whatever your desire, you'll find it there.

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